The services offered under this agency services include the following:-

  • Dealing with the sale, purchase and letting of all types of real estate ranging from vacant lands and individual houses to high rise office blocks, shopping complexes, hotels, golf resorts, industrial schemes, development lands and plantations.
  • Locating, identifying and securing sites and premises for clients.
  • Advice on advertising and brochure design.
  • Advice on and implementation of marketing strategies both for sale and letting.
  • Advice on property investment portfolio and the effects of legislation and other forms of Government action.
  • Negotiation of sale and lease for clients.
  • Advice on all types of properties including commercial, industrial, retail, residential, agricultural, condominiums, hotels and resorts.



The fundamental purpose of a valuation is to estimate the market value of the respective assets for various purposes as follows:-

1. Initial Public Offerings / Corporate exercises

These valuations are prepared for submission to the Securities Commission in relation to proposed listings of companies on Bursa Malaysia Berhad or for major corporate restructuring exercises of public listed companies which require Securities Commission’s approval. (refer Asset Valuation Guidelines by the Securities Commission and Listing Requirement by Bursa Malaysia Berhad)

2. Other Public Listed Company Exercises

These valuations are prepared for submission to the Bursa Malaysia Berhad, PLC shareholders’ approval or PLC announcements in relation to proposed PLC corporate exercises such as acquisitions or disposals of assets. (refer Asset Valuation Guidelines by the Securities Commission and Listing Requirement by Bursa Malaysia Berhad)

3. Accounting / Financial Reporting Standards (FRS)

These valuations are prepared for inclusion in financial statements as per the requirements of Financial Reporting Standards / International Financial Reporting Standards for inclusion in company’s balance sheets to provide the “fair value” of properties held by the company either for investment or own use purposes.

4. Compulsory Land Acquisitions

Section 3, Land Acquisition Act 1960 provides that the State Authority may acquire property:

-For any public purposes

-By any person or corporation for any purpose which in the opinion of the State Authority is beneficial to the economic development of Malaysia or any part thereof, or to the public generally or any class of the public or

-For the purpose of mining or for residential, agriculture, commercial, industrial or recreational purposes or any combination of such purpose.

5. Statutory Valuations:

  • Stamp Duty Appeal

As provided for under First Schedule of Stamp Act 1949, this duty is based on the money value of the consideration or the market value of the property whichever is greater.

First RM100,000 1%
RM100,001 To RM500,000 2%
RM500,001 and above 3%

Any objection on the valuation of the property must be directed to the Stamp Duty Office (SDO) within 10 days of receiving the notice of payment, and a copy send to JPPH

  • Rating Valuation

Rating or assessment is a local government tax imposed on holding (real property) within a local authority area for the services rendered by the Local Authority. The power to impose rates are provided for in the Local Government Act 1976;

Rates imposed by all Local Authorities are based on the Annual Value of the property with the exception of the state of Johor which adopts Improved Value.

Annual Value (except Johor): Estimated gross annual rent at which the holding might reasonably be expected to let from year to year the landlord paying the expenses of repair, insurance, maintenance or upkeep and all public rates and taxes.

Improved Value (Johor only): Price that an owner willing, and not obliged to sell might reasonably expect to obtain from a willing purchaser with whom he was bargaining, for sale and purchase of the holding.

6. Auction reserves and foreclosures

This Valuation is prepared for the purpose of foreclosure proceedings. It is required for the purpose of assisting the relevant authorities to fix a Reserve Price for the sale of the property by Public Auction. The basis of valuation for purpose of sales by public auction shall be Market Value.

7. Fire Insurance

These Valuations are prepared to ascertain fire insurance value. The basis of valuation shall be the reinstatement cost new or such basis as identified in a fire insurance contract or policy

8. Rental Valuations

This is to ascertain the best monthly rent at which the subject property might reasonably be expected to be let in the open market at a particular time with the tenant undertaking to pay all costs for utilities and public services which result from the occupation and the landlord undertaking to bear the usual outgoings, such as assessment, quit rent, external structural repairs and other statutory taxes which are necessary to maintain the subject property in a fair and tenantable state.

9. Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) assessment and appeals

RPGT is a tax levied by the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) on chargeable gains derived from the disposal of real property. This tax is provided for in the RPGT Tax Act 1976. The tax is levied on the gains made from the difference between the disposal price and acquisition price.

10. Intended Sale or Purchase

These valuations are prepared for the purpose of recommending the market value for the sale or purchase of property. The basis of valuation shall be market value.

For claims on fair or adequate compensation in respect of properties compulsorily acquired by Relevant Authorities / Parties where negotiations and representations as expert witnesses at Court hearings may be required;

11. Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank)

This valuation is required by insurance companies for submission to the Director General of Insurance, Bank Negara Malaysia whenever they value or revalue their property assets.

12. Foreign Investment Committee

This valuation is prepared for submission to the Foreign Investment Committee for its approval in relation to property transactions.

13. Mortgage

This valuation is required for lending (securing loan facilities) purpose by banks or financial institutions based on collateral value of the property. Valuations for loan purpose must be based on Market Value.

14. Plant and Machinery

Our Company also provides valuation of plant and machinery for various purposes including loan and mortgages, receivership / insolvency, company accounting, capital issues etc.

15. Others

Fixed assets for Company report. Take overs, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint-ventures.



We offer property management solution to manage and maintain landed and strata properties on behalf of the property owners such as Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC), Commissioner of Building (COB), Developers and Property based companies. 

 The Company provides property management services including:-

  • Planning and advising on the maximisation of income and the minimising of costs.
  • Engaging in-house maintenance staff.
  • Supervision of external contractors and equipment operators.
  • Advice on rental rates and tenant mix.
  • Administering lease agreements and collection of rents and service charges.
  • Draw up maintenance schedules and organise preventive maintenance routines.
  • Arrange and supervise repair and renovation works.
  • Preparation of inspection and maintenance reports to clients.
  • Advice on fire insurance cover.
  • Advice on assessment and negotiation with the local authority.
  • Advice on the proper function and upkeep of the building.



Our Company also does market surveys and feasibility studies relating to the supply and demand and economic viability of the proposed development. We provide market and financial feasibility studies of all types of landed properties for the following reasons:

  • Market study for bridging loans in accordance with recent Bank Negara Guidelines including projected break-even for the project.
  • Provide owner / developer with market research and information on existing and projected demand and supply and prices and rents for different property sectors for different localities.
  • Advise owner / developer on the best development concept and development mix and market feasibility.
  • Advise owner / developer on projected development cost, financing requirements and financial feasibility.