Buying Property and Stamp Duty Planning

Written by: Sr. KC Law

RPGT and Stamp duty planning

In our earlier article Selling Property and Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) Planning, we discussed the prudent approach property owners can adopt to manage RPGT effectively when they decide to sell their property.

What consideration is there for a property buyer to take note of when buying a property?

Every purchaser has to pay Stamp Duty when buying any property, except specific property categories exempted by the government.

The Stamp Duty payable by purchasers depends on the property value and calculated based on the rate below:

stamp duty calculation


When a purchaser buys a property at RM1.5M, what is the Stamp Duty the purchaser needs to pay?

The Stamp Duty based on the above rate is:

1st RM100K @1% = RM1K

Above RM100K to RM500K @2%= RM8K

Above RM500K to RM1M@ 3%= RM15K

Above RM1M to RM1.5M @4%= RM20K

Stamp Duty payable is =RM1K+RM8K+RM15K+RM20K=RM44K.

What is the basis of the Stamp Duty calculation apart from the schedule rate?

The stamp duty payable by a purchaser of a property is based on the market value of the property at the date of transaction.

Case 1

Buyer A buys a property at market value of RM1.5M.

Jabatan Penilaian dan Perkhidmatan Harta (JPPH) authority values its market value to be RM1.5M.

Stamp duty payable is RM44K.

NO action needed because it is valued at market price.

However, what can Buyer A do if JPPH authority computes the market value of the property as RM2M when the fair market value is RM1.5M thus increasing stamp duty chargeable to RM64K, which is RM20K more?

Buyer A can make an appeal to have the property revalued by the authority, submitting with the appeal a full Property Valuation Report prepared by a private Registered Valuation company justifying with solid evidences why RM1.5M is the correct and accurate fair market value.

Case 2

Buyer B buys a property below market value at RM1M from a desperate seller.

The fair market value is RM1.5M

How much stamp duty does the purchaser have to pay?

RM24K or RM44K?

The answer is RM44K. Why RM44K?

Stamp duty chargeable/computation is based on market value.

Case 3

Buyer C buys a property above market value at RM2M from his neighbour for his son who plans to get married next year.

The fair market value is RM1.5M

How much stamp duty does Buyer C have to pay?

RM44K or RM64k?

The answer is RM64K. Why?

Stamp duty computation is based on the higher of the two that is Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) value.

Remember this: You pay stamp duty when you buy property at market value or SPA price.

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