Estate Agency Services

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We have a team of real estate agents and real estate negotiators specializing in different areas within the Klang Valley region. All of them have been adequately trained and possess necessary license to operate and execute the sales and marketing of your property. Always ensure you are dealing with a certified real estate agent or real estate negotiator, read about Are You Dealing With A Certified Real Estate Negotiator?

Our team are committed to providing you with the below services to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

  • Dealing with the sale, purchase and letting of all types of real estate ranging from commercial, industrial, retail, residential, agricultural, condominiums, hotels and resorts
  • Advice clients on their property’s current market value after performing comparable market analysis and recommend suitable pricing for the sale of clients’ properties.
  • Implementation of creative and effective marketing strategies (both online and offline) for the sale and letting of clients’ properties to ensure quick
  • and smooth sale/let.
  • Qualifying prospects on behalf of the owner
  • Locating, identifying and securing property based on clients’ needs and specifications.
  • Assist clients in arranging for property financing with banks once they have identified a suitable property.
  • Provide consultation to clients on creative real estate financing and advice clients on ways to expand their property investment portfolio.
  • Keep abreast on current real estate market trends.
  • Regularly share valuable information in the form of original articles or curated news articles to educate and inform the public about all things real estate through social media channels.
  • Provide guidance to clients on the effects of real estate legislation and regulation on any of their property transactions.
  • Mediate the negotiation of sale and lease for clients to ensure a fair deal and to protect the interest of the client.
  • Handle any disputes professionally by using creative problem-solving methods.

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